Trend Fashion Jeans's 2009

Trend Fashion Jeans's 2009

Jeans has become a staple in women’s fashion. It is part of every woman’s closet and as years passed, the jeans have evolved into a major fashion piece that it is now one of the centres of attention when it comes to detailing and designing.

One of the most recent jean designs is the “boyfriend jeans”. It is not the most flattering type of jeans but it certainly has a hip vibe to it. It is very comfortable to wear several female Hollywood celebrities wear it when they go shopping or they take their kids for a stroll. It is best suited for slim, tall women who want a very casual yet cool look. It is best worn with flats.

Ripped or Distressed jeans are also back in fashion. It has been out of touch since the early nineties but it is back on the hot list. It has a washed up and rugged look to it. Again, it veers to the cool and casual look but it comes in a more flattering form because there are skinny variants of this jeans.

The basic straight cut jeans are still part of women’s fashion. It is for the safe dresser who does not want to risk taking on a different look.

It is amazing how this simple piece of clothing that used to be just a farm worker’s attire evolved to a very important part of women’s fashion. It is no wonder that the jeans never go out of style. It just takes on different forms.