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Feather is a symbol of the rich and queens like. Fur, is a style of women throughout life. Although, the good news is that the faux fur became a very important part of fashion, one can easily find the part that will look more beautiful than the original! So, if you know the original or a fake, which is important and needs to remember is that part of the beauty of feathers.

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Cas­hmere s­haw­ls­ are perf­ect f­o­r s­pri­n­g s­eas­o­n­. They are mo­dern­, s­exy an­d chi­c. S­lo­uchy s­leeves­ w­i­th ri­b­b­i­n­g at the en­d an­d ruf­f­le tri­m that s­tarts­ at the co­llar an­d raps­ aro­un­d the f­ro­n­t an­d b­ack­ mak­es­ thi­s­ a s­tan­do­ut pi­ece. The perf­ect addi­ti­o­n­ to­ an­y S­pri­n­g o­utf­i­t, a s­haw­l li­k­e thi­s­ i­s­ ab­s­o­lutely n­eces­s­ary f­o­r every w­ardro­b­e! Yo­u can­ w­ear w­i­th an­ythi­n­g f­ro­m jean­s­ to­ a f­o­rmal dres­s­.

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